Shipping fees: offers shipping costs for orders for products purchased and shipped in the United Kingdom (for an amount exceeding 60 pounds).

The standard shipping is normally done in 1-3 working days and has a cost of 7 pounds if the minimum order required above is not reached.


Delivery of products:

The products will be delivered by the designated Express Courier or by whom to him at the indicated address that cannot be changed once the order has been taken over.

Upon receipt, the Customer must check the integrity of the package containing the purchased product; if anomalies are found, they must be immediately reported to the Express Courier.

The purchased products are delivered as quickly as possible, normally within 1/3 working days. The site owner undertakes to respect, as a maximum delivery time, a period not exceeding 12 working days from the order, except in cases of force majeure. In the event of a delay of more than 12 working days, the Customer will be contacted directly through and -mail to be informed and updated on the expected delivery date.

The shipping costs for the other European countries in which Fantini Pelletteria ships are available directly on the websites of the interested countries:





The shipping costs for the remaining European countries in which Fantini Pelletteria does not ship in a direct way and for Non-European countries, it is necessary to send a request for quote for shipping costs to the following email address: