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Which mens leather wallet is right for you?

The genuine leather men's wallet may always seem the same, but in reality it hides many small details that make it unique based on our needs and tastes. First of all, there are those who love soft leather wallets and those who prefer them stiffer. Then there is the size, in recent years there are mainly three categories of mens leather wallets that are becoming popular: the first is the small one, more compact than the classic models, comfortable and compact; the second is the wallet with money clip, in which the banknotes are kept safe thanks to a metal bracket inside it; and finally the third type of wallets are the vertical and modern ones, which have the same functions as leather billfold wallet for mens but with a contemporary shape. Furthermore, if you wish, you can also combine one of our fantastic men's leather bags.

Artisanal and contemporary: male leather wallets of all tastes

Don't miss the chance to combine other beautiful accessories with your unique and trusty mens wallet in real leather. There are numerous interesting models of leather billfold wallet mens in our catalog that can fit comfortably in your pocket: such as the slim wallet, the mens leather wallet with coin pocket or without, and the one with button closure! Visit our website and search in the descriptions of our items for the men's leather wallet with the ideal characteristics that are right for you. Don't miss the collection of men's leather backpacks, choose the model and color which matches perfectly.

Real leather wallet mens, choose Fantini Pelletteria!

Our leather goods have been attentive to product quality for years and our leather men wallets are handmade by expert craftsmen using only first choice Florentine leather. There are various types of models available, from small to large leather wallets. We offer a wide range of colors, in addition to the classic and elegant men's wallets such as black, blue and brown, also more bizarre and lively colors such as the Italian tricolor, which can be an excellent souvenir to take home later a journey through the art and beauty of our peninsula. These leather billfold wallets for men by Fantini Pelletteria are not only created to hold banknotes or coins, but there are also models equipped with coin pockets and compartments to insert cards and much more. Furthermore, in the collection of men's accessories you can find our men's leather belts: discover them all!