Men's leather backpacks

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Men's leather backpacks: comfort, look and lifestyle.

If there is one thing that cannot be missing from every male's accessories, it is certainly the men backpack. In recent years it is a trend in continuous growth, there are many types of mens backpacks: sports, for school, men's work backpack, vintage backpacks, elegant mens backpacks for going out in the evening and, par excellence, men's leather backpacks. We at Fantini Pelletteria have idealized, designed and created numerous collections of men's leather backpacks, to meet the needs of every person in search of the perfect leather backpack for their needs: men’s backpacks with zipper or button closures, vintage backpacks for men with soft and washed leathers to give a touch of originality to his style, ideal man work backpack to carry everything you need for the office, from your computer to briefcases to documents, small everyday men's leather backpack, elegant and practical to be used both for traveling and for excursions near home. An interior world to discover, and Fantini Pelletteria offers you beautiful examples of handmade leather backpacks that will become companions of adventures for your whole life.

Each men's leather backpack is a piece of history that speaks for itself.

The strength of our leather goods, especially for men's backpacks, lies in the long and meticulous creation process that takes place behind the scenes: the analysis of models of trendy men's leather backpacks, the search for new shapes and innovative details, the experimentation of new leathers, light and resistant materials, the individualization of trendy colors that can meet the tastes of each person and finally the hand-crafted production, the part we at Fantini Pelletteria give more care to, that is why we are be able to create backpacks for men that will last forever. Color is also a fundamental aspect for choosing the perfect leather backpack for men: while some people prefer the classic black leather backpack, ideal for any occasion and less intrusive, many of our customers love many other shades of the most popular colors: for example our collection of vintage men's backpacks offers very suggestive colors of light brown and dark brown, thanks to a washing process of the leather that makes it nuanced and original; or, another category of men's leather backpack are hard skin backpacks: mainly brown, blue, black and red, since leather is a type of tanned one and classic colors better express its quality; these leather backpacks have the particularity of being very resistant and ruining over time: no worries, because precisely because they are used and scratched they acquire their particularity and originality.