Leather Document Holder

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Leather Document Holder, for Business men and women

A4 size document holder for your business, very practical to keep on your desk, office or home. Made entirely of durable leather it helps hold and protect all your paper notes in style. A truly elegant design with zip closure give those who use it an enviable style. Unquestionable Tuscan leather quality, entirely handmade in Italy by Italian artisans who have been dealing with leather processing and sewing for many years.

Collections of Document Holder in real leather, for your business

Very practical to use every day, the Fantini Pelletteria document holder is available in different sizes and colors according to your needs. We guarantee our quality since we have personally chosen our craftsmen and we have selected only the best. Classic document holder, which allows you to have an extra step during business meetings, meetings with colleagues and suppliers. It helps to keep your notes in excellent condition and to have them always at hand at all times.