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Leather briefcase: discover the best handcrafted bags for your business

Our handcrafted leather business briefcases are made with attention to detail and great passion. The manual processing of our briefcases is a guarantee of a unique and perfect product in every detail, therefore capable of offering flexibility, comfort and resistance in all circumstances. The leather attache case by Fantini Pelletteria meet these needs exactly. Ideal for holding laptop, tablets, documents and all office accessories. There are infinite styles in which we can identify with our leather work bag: elegant, thin, mens leather bag laptop, with more modern zip or hook-and-loop closures; or the classic leather briefcase, with metal key or snap closure, ideal for a classic and professional look. Make your days full of passion for what you do with the right leather briefcase for you! On our website you can also consult the collection of leather belts, of top quality material Italian!

Search for the most suitable style for your business among our men's or women's leather briefcase

The leather briefcase can be a perfect solution for all the small and large things that we always want to have with us. Each of us has a specific need for our leather attache case: there are those who require a single compartment to carry only the bare essentials, those who need two or even three compartments to divide each folder or document, those who have to store bulkier tools such as laptop or tablets and those who require special internal pockets for pens or cell phones. Therefore, what Fantini Pelletteria has tried to develop over the years is a wide and varied series of men's and women's briefcases capable of satisfying every personal need for space and practicality. In all our leather briefcases there are numerous internal pockets, large and spacious internal zips, zip closures and the possibility of carrying the bag either by hand or over the shoulder, so that it can be versatile based on the type of working day that must be faced. All our leather briefcases are made with high quality Italian leather, so that they last a long time and can be filled without weight problems, thanks to the resistance of the materials used during production. Furthermore, our Italian leather attache case are available in different colors: black for an elegant touch to your style, light or dark brown, and honey, which always remains a timeless classic and model of professionalism. For years we have also offered a wide choice of leather document holders, which can be perfect together with the briefcase to complete your business look for men or women.

Woman and businessman, the solution is the leather attache case by Fantini Pelletteria!

If you are a business man or woman, our real leather briefcases are for you! Inside these spacious models, which feature countless pockets, you can carry everything you need during your day. These are not only practical, but also high fashion accessories that protect the contents during your travels. These leather work bag can be carried by hand or over the shoulder, making them a very comfortable and practical accessory. However, they also feature decorations and metal closures, thus offering an elegant and refined model. Furthermore, these work bags are perfect for young university students, who move between one university location and another, so as to always have their laptop and books with them. In fact, they are accessories that match every look, not only elegant work clothing, but more casual ones too. On the site you can find fantastic and handcrafted models of leather backpacks, don't miss the news!